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Summer is coming soon! Get  prepared for it!


Get your skin smooth and hairless for the beach season.

Professional waxes are available here! 

We do Brazilian waxes too! 

Call for an Appt. 

Read the wax tips to the right. They will help you to recieve a more comfortable  session! 

Waxing Facts

1) Tylenol or Advil will help ease the pain of waxing. Take a dose one hour before the start of your session.

2) Do not wait to wax till right before a trip. Results are better after a few sessions. You will have less irritation from the sand and sun.

3) Hair needs to be 1/4 of an inch to wax it properly. You may want to trim longer hair to 1/4 of inch before your session. 

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Wonderful Wednesdays

Massage Specials

valid only with Bob Beane

Save $10.00  on a

1 Hour Massage

or on a

Thai Yoga Massage

 Please pre book. Offer not valid on same day booking. You can schedule for another Wednesday.

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